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Legacy Woods Nature Sanctuary Benefits:

Conservation Champions

& Community Hubs

Iowa’s arboretums are more than just trees. They are vibrant ecosystems of knowledge, action, and connection. By embracing conservation, education, and community engagement, these leafy sanctuaries are shaping a greener future for generations to come. It is our hope Legacy Woods will be a generational stop for all children as well as adults reviewing the richness and historical relationships of the past and moving forward into
the future.

Iowa’s arboretum projects are not just stunning landscapes; they are vibrant hubs for conservation, education, and community engagement. These leafy havens weave a tapestry of environmental stewardship, fostering public awareness and inspiring action. Let’s explore some of their remarkable initiatives:

Conservation in Action:

  • Native Plant Power: Iowa arboretums prioritize native species, preserving genetic diversity and nurturing local ecosystems. Legacy Woods will have over 100 different tree species along with 250 native shrubs.
  • Water Wise Practices: Bioretention cells, rain gardens, and permeable paths demonstrate sustainable water management, safeguarding our precious resources. Legacy Woods has in its plans a bioretention area with native plants to this type of environment.
  • Evolving Landscapes: Tree succession plans ensure the arboretum’s long-term health, adapting to change and creating new habitats. Legacy Woods plans to plant 3 trees of each species in different sizes to enable the long term health of the property

Connecting Communities:

  • Garden Corridors: Projects like Charles City’s Edible Arboretum unite community groups, educational institutions, and businesses, fostering collaboration and shared learning. Legacy Woods is a public private initiative for the entire Des Moines /Iowa /National communities to enjoy.
  • Open Doors, Open Minds: Volunteer opportunities, educational programs, and informative signage invite everyone to explore the wonders of nature and discover ways to protect it. Legacy Woods not only encompasses the development of the arboretum project but will create greater synergies with the Jordan House.
  • Diverse Partnerships: From schools and libraries to environmental organizations, arboretums forge partnerships that strengthen their impact and reach a wider audience. Legacy Woods will work with schools to have field trips for the ecology aspects along with the historical perspective the property and the adjoining Jordan House.
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